Researching Good Drop Shipping Companies

When you are looking for good drop shipping companies you need to take many factors into account. Once you have decided on the products you’d like to sell and are enthusiastic about your business, you’ll still need to check for drop shipping suppliers that are reliable. By doing a little research you can become educated about suppliers and will know what to look for.

Locating Good Drop Shipping Companies

Finding the right drop shipping suppliers can be quite difficult because they are not known for their company marketing abilities to attract an audience. This process may take a lot longer than you imagined, but if you are patient you’ll be successful. The language barriers can take a while to get used to, since most drop ship suppliers are based in India, China or other non-English speaking language, native countries worldwide.

In order to find suppliers from good drop shipping companies who’ll be the most suitable for what you want to sell, you’ll have to research those who deal with the same products. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer local or international suppliers. This should depend on service potential, delivery times and raw material resourcing.

Making Contact

Establish a relationship with suppliers by talking to them. This will give you access to the type of service they provide. They may be willing to give you contact information of their current clients. This will mean you are able to get first hand information from their clients regarding services rendered, before committing yourself. Maintaining a good working relationship with your supplier from the beginning is important if you want your questions answered and disputes settled promptly.

Placing Orders

After you have selected suppliers from good drop shipping companies, you can test these by ordering supplies from them yourself. This will allow you to become aware of their packaging, delivery times, quality of service and any other supplier-related questions you may need answers for. Experiencing their service first-hand is the best way to know what your customers will receive. 

By ordering from a competitor who is using the same supplier as you, you’ll access the way their products are customized and packaged. Whoever their supplier is, you can place an order that will enlighten you as to the service quality levels and rank you need to work towards. 

Sourcing Suitable Suppliers

Reviews and product offerings can look good but may be misleading. Digging a little deeper into the business may reveal that the company does not suit your audience. The manner in which they deal with returns, how they do day to day business or the raw materials they use, may not be to your liking. Talk to suppliers and get to know them before making a commitment. It is better to proceed cautiously before experiencing issues that may be damaging to your brand. 

Avoiding Those Not-So-Good Drop Shipping Companies

Several factors can help you anticipate bad drop shipping suppliers since they may be difficult to recognize. Negative feedback, bad reviews and products that are low in quality may only be some of the tell-tale signs. A bad sign is a supplier that insists on a monthly or ongoing fee for doing business. They may not be a single supplier but part of a directory. Stay away from those that charge higher than normal rates of pre-order fees. Suppliers must agree to fulfill orders coming from you over a period of time, even though their minimum order may be 200. Don’t do business with suppliers who refuse to do this, especially since you have to pay for the order up front. Research will enable you to select from good drop shipping companies.